Friday, 24 January 2014 09:48

Dear visitors, we want to inform you that we decite to close our site for some period. If you ask yourself - why we decide to do that - reason is private nature, Glavni Urednik (main editor) have some things to do and there is no need to write that in public. But be sure that this is not end of site Fix-Bet.Com, beucase he will be back better and stronger then before - be sure in that. We already have some deals with great bettor to join us when we will start to work again, we will make more connections in future, so don't forget this page - never!

What left behind us? We work one year and few weeks, have some great wins, few bad months, but all in all we made profit over 250 units which is amazing, and for sure - we made something what noone expect - trust and loyality with our subscribers and some other visitors which was amazing. They help us to continue with this work and for sure - we will never forget them. They will always be part of our site, and don't worry, they will get prize for that when we decide to start work again. If you ask yourself - will we work same like this in future - be sure that we will make a lot of changes and you can expect better job from us, because we know how much we can do.

When you expect us to start work again? That is hard to tell, only what we can tell you is that you always can send us mail via contact form if you want to get your mail in our newsletter system, also, you can like our fanpage (clik HERE to open it in new tab), or you can add Glavni Urednik na Facebook and stay informed about all news (click HERE to visit his profile in new tab).

Thank you for your trust, it was pleasure to work with you, and hope to continue work as soon as it possible.

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